Business Continuity

We’ve thought about the unexpected, and have taken several precautions to ensure we can continue to provide high quality service to our clients, no matter what.


Our service is brought to you from multiple data centers. All data is synchronized, in real time, between our two sites. In the event that our primary site is disrupted, the service will automatically be switched to load from the backup site. This setup helps ensure that your service is not uninterrupted, even if there is an issue with the primary site.

We’re not satisfied with good enough. As an additional precaution, all of our client data is backed up to a third site every 15 minutes.


We retain backups of client data for 12 months rolling. This way, if anything is lost, we can always retrieve it.


We conduct semi-annual business continuity tests to make sure we’re able to continue providing reliable service if there is ever an actual emergency. Every 6 months, we test to ensure that our back systems are running as expected; this way we can identify any issues before a disruptive event occurs.

Remote work capability

Our entire team has the capability to continue all operations remotely. We’ve taken steps to ensure everyone had the tools they needed to work from home. We have transitioned to a hybrid workforce with no disruption to our services. Even in turbulent times, our focus remains on our clients.