Why Office Control

A management assistant designed for today’s workplace realities.

Enjoy better communication, use less paper

With Office Control, everything from building policies to urgent notices can be shared with recipients in minutes. It doesn’t matter where employees are working from. They still get the message.

Get customized analytics to help you make smarter decisions

Easy-to-read reports allow you and your team to analyze key workplace metrics. Use the data to understand how your facility is being used, detect inefficiencies, and identify where improvements can be made.

Let our integrated system adjust to your needs

Employees can book a desk, room or other shared space directly on Office Control. Management can approve bookings, adjust capacity limits and set up custom requirements as needed.

Attract top tenants

Having a system like Office Control is appealing to companies that want to work smarter. They can access tools such as online work orders, visitor management, and other solutions that help them resolve disruptive issues right away, and stay focused on the things that really matter.