Client Data

We are in the business of selling software, not client data. We promise to always use your information responsibly, and never share it with anyone who does not have the authority to see it. We may use your data to help us build better services and software for you.

How we use your data

Our team will never use your tenants’ personal information without your permission. However, we may use data in aggregate to understand any prevailing usage patterns or needs of our customers. We will use that information as part of our product development process to create new or enhance existing features and services.

We do use your data in aggregate as well to find trends about how our software and services are being used. We may look at statistics about how you are using our software so that our customer success team can follow up with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of the software. For example, if we see that you’re not using the Asset Management module, we may reach out to make sure you’re not experiencing any issues with that particular feature.

Why we collect personal data

In order to provide a full range of services to our clients, we require access to personal information about the employees of the commercial offices which we service. This information is required of all offices, not just the offices that use the system, in order to provide full functionality to a building’s property management team. Many features, like reports, will not provide full and useful information if the entire list of offices and tenants is not loaded into the system.

Upon commencing service with us, the facilities manager or commercial real estate property manager turns over current copies of tenant information so that we may get all system functions up and running. By turning over this information to us, the manager is providing their consent for us to use the information as outlined above.

In cases where employees provide updates to their own information through our online system, the online system explains how the information will be used.


We will never share or disclose your private information to anyone unless directed by a court order.


If you terminate your relationship with Office Control, your information will be removed immediately inaccessible in our production system. The data may be retained in our backup files for up to 12 months after your subscription has ended. After that time, all of your information is completely removed from our system.


Our production databases are synchronized between our two datacenters in real time. In addition, database backups are made to a third site every 15 minutes. These backups are encrypted both during transmission and while at rest.


Regardless of where are our clients live, all client data on the Office Control platform is stored in Canada.


A subprocessor is a third-party data processor who has or potentially will have access to client data. Office Control uses various subprocessors to carry out certain functions, such as file storage, on the Office Control platform. In all cases, the subprocessor only receives the data required to carry out its designated function. Subprocessors will never be granted access to all of your client data on Office Control.